Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Pounds

When I sent my paperwork to America World, the contents of the box weighed three pounds. Once I knew it was delivered safely, I think twenty pounds were lifted off my shoulders. Now that I have passed everything that the US requires, it is now time to hope and pray that Ethiopia is satisfied with it too! Then maybe another twenty pounds will be lifted!

I have a Fed Ex tracking number to obsess over for the next few weeks. The email I received today explained that it could take a while for it to arrive, and not to freak out if it stays in one place for a while. Yeah, right. Okay, I won't freak out! ha!

I just started a new adoption book the other night and I haven't gotten very far. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has adopted or is thinking of adopting. It is about creating the child's lifebook. A lifebook is different from a scrapbook or a typical baby book in that I wasn't there on the night he/she was born. I didn't give the first bath or bottle. So the lifebook focuses more on the child's country and its customs and traditions.

It also focuses on the child's birth family and the people at the orphanage. I know this will be a challenge to complete. I have already cried a few times, and I'm only on page 7! While reading the introduction, my excitement for this entire grueling process was renewed!

The book explains that children have a hard time understanding the concept of birth and adopted children have a hard time understanding that their lives are not a mistake. Knowing who our parents are is the physical part of birth, but knowing that we were born in the very heart of God is the spiritual part. Isn't that exciting!

Even though my child will not know his/her parents, I have a responsibility to tell my child the truth-good and bad. Secrets may make things easier in the beginning, but I do not want to start my forever family based on not telling the truth.

The book also explains that even though adoption is tough for the birthmother and the child, God uses it for the good of everyone. I was floored by that statement. I often sit and cry thinking of the pain and suffering my child's birthmother has or will suffer. I could not imagine giving away my child....MY child! But thankfully, she has made this tough decision so that I can have this child as a part of my family.

I feel relief when I think of the wonderful people that I met in Ethiopia. The same people I met two summers ago will be caring for my child until I am there to bring him/her home. This has given me peace of mind beyond belief. Yes, some other adoption agencies were cheaper and the wait not as long, but seeing the place that my child calls home and meeting the women who care for him/her is far more important than a little bit of money.

Thankfully, we had some great photographers on our trip. I am excited to use their creativity and talent to make my child's lifebook something that we will always treasure.

I bought "Where the Wild Things Are" tonight. I am leaning towards this as a nursery theme if I get a boy. I have ideas stirring in my head at night and I have to wake up to put them onto paper so that they are not lost between dreams and alarm clocks. There are many people who have used this book as a theme and their nurseries are very inspirational. I want the room to be something that can grow as the child grows. I do not want it to seem baby-ish and then have to change it again in a year. Although I may change it anyway ;)

And if it is a girl, I am totally screwed! How will I ever choose just one cute pink theme!?!?! I can always rely on my pink and green turtles! Lord knows I have enough of that stuff, thanks to college!

So I guess I wait and see. And while I wait, I am going to continue cleaning out closets and cabinets to make room for another person in this house! Let the wild rumpus begin!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This time next year I will officially be celebrating Mother's Day! But for now, I am just waiting on that to happen. Lots has happened since my last post. I don't know why I don't get on here more often. I am not going to wait until 2011 to make a resolution...I am doing it now! So here's to more posts from me!

I sent my dossier (three pounds of paper) to the adoption agency on Friday, April 9th and officially joined the waiting list for a child on April 30th! I have been stalking the AWAA blog to see how fast others are being matched with their children. The fastest match was for a family that joined the waiting list on Feb. 5th and were matched on April 29th. Pretty fast! That encouraged me to get going on my house organizing and decorating!!

Since I did not choose a boy or a girl, I feel like I should get matched pretty quickly. So Operation Get This House In Order has officially begun!

I have a few nursery ideas floating around in my head, so I will post pictures of my ideas soon.



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