Monday, June 22, 2009


During our Father's Day gathering, my Papa took us on a trip down Memory Lane. He was telling stories about the trouble that he and his brothers would get into in their small town. And then he told a story that had us all in tears-Papa included. He said that he often forgot his lunch money or that his family didn't have the quarter that he needed for his lunch. A certain lunch lady, Polly, would always make sure that Papa and his brothers had a lunch.

On one certain day in Papa's Senior year of high school, my great-grandfather, Charlie, left early in the morning to haul a load of lumber for the lumber yard. He would go out into the woods and cut trees, load the wood onto his truck, and take the load and sell it to the lumber yard. Papa remembers sitting outside during their morning break and hearing a loud truck rumbling up the road. At first he did not recognize this truck as Charlie's. As Charlie got out of the truck, Papa became embarrassed of the noise and his appearance. What Papa didn't realize at the time was that Charlie was bringing his quarter for lunch. Charlie had gotten up early that morning to take the load of wood so that Papa would have money for lunch.

Now, as Papa reflects on this day, he regrets the embarrassment that he felt. He knew his father was making a sacrifice to be sure that his son had money and could eat lunch that day. This story of sacrifice only strengthens my pride in my family. I am in tears now as I type this. I know that my family has been through hardships and those hardships only bring us closer. As this adoption continues, I am proud to introduce my new child to such a caring, loving family. A family that sacrifices for one another.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Spiders, and Dirt, and Crickets, Oh My!

As I was cleaning out the basement today, I found lots of things that will go great in a yard sale. I even found a few things that I wanted to keep. Sadly, some of my long lost treasures were ruined. I have looked for my Senior yearbook for years. Found it today! But it was ruined. So it can now be found in the trash can. I did find some really fun sorority stuff that made me smile and miss those girls! Those were fun times!

The bugs I found were not so fun! I had to call in reinforcement at one point. I opened a box and discovered what could have been a baby mouse or the biggest spider I have ever seen. Once my dad got here to help with this situation, he discovered it was just a cricket. So, naturally, I felt really dumb! But the way it died made it look huge and its legs were all weird. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps!

On a happy note, I found some cute wrapping paper that will be great for Christmas gifts and some cute picture frames! And you know I will need those! Some even came from Disney World, so you know where we will have to go to get pictures to put in those! I already have the trip planned out in my head! I will just have to be sure that Aunt Stephanie and Aunt Catherine are prepared for this journey! Reese is ready right now!

I got a lot accomplished today, and as soon as the trash runs, I can finish cleaning out the rest of the basement. And then it's on to the attic! Hopefully there won't be any crickets disguised as spiders up there!


As I continue to prepare for my little one, I have decided that I will need every available inch of space in my house for toys, clothes, books, whatever. So I am headed to the basement to clean down there. I realize that this post may be a way to procrastinate, but it is also keeping to my promise to update more. So I don't feel bad about it. There are lots of little things that need to be done around here, so I figure that a yard sale will help fund those projects, which is one motivation for cleaning out the basement. I think I have 3 vacuum cleaners down there. Don't ask me why I have 3! I have never used any of them, so I am not sure how they ended up there. I do vacuum. But not with any of the ones in the basement! After I finish there, I am going to the attic-that will hopefully, one day, possibly, maybe, become my master bedroom/bath. So for that to happen in 10 years or so, I need to get rid of lots of stuff from up there too! So if you need a vacuum or some Halloween decorations, come on by!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kids Care

I have searched various blogs for the past few hours and discovered that Kids Care (the orphanage where my child lives) has a website. Pretty cool, considering they only have power a few days a week. So, anyway, check it out!

Busy Preparing

I realize that I have not updated this in a while. I have my reasons for that. And here they are:
1. I have painted/cleaned/organized the soon-to-be nursery.

2. I have finished my dossier paperwork and have it ready to take to Nashville in a few days!

3. I sent out fundraiser letters to help gain more support from family and friends.

4. I have cleaned out most of the house, so that I will have room for this precious child. Yard sales are not fun, but they are necessary at this point.

5. I have finished another great school year-and I can say that these kids were my favorites! I was so sad to see them go! But I know I will have another great bunch in the fall.

6. I did some traveling in March as a way to reconnect with old friends.

7. My grandfather was in a life-threatening car accident on March 6th, and spent 2 months in ICU. My days were filled with school, taking care of Granddaddy, and a little sleep every now and then. He is now in a nursing home in Pulaski, so it is much easier to help him since he is five minutes away, rather than an hour away in Huntsville.

8. Stephanie built and moved into her new home. I didn't realize she had that much stuff!

9. I have completed a grant application and hope to hear from them soon. This grant will help complete this adoption process, I hope!

10. I have caught up on my scrapbooking, so now I am ready to start a Lifebook for the child. I have been playing around with ideas for a children's book to help him/her adjust to life in a new family.

11. Speaking of Lifebooks, I signed up for a class on how to create a Lifebook and the difference between a Lifebook and a scrapbook. A Lifebook begins when the family begins the adoption. I have written journal entries to the child about my excitement and joy of having him/her join my family.

12. On Saturday, I participated in an adoption class with Vanderbilt Children's Hospital to learn ways to help the child bond and attach with me and the rest of my family. I also discovered some great toys to build fine motor skills. This class was really an awesome time to ask questions of doctors and psychologists who are in contact with adoptive families every day.

13. During this entire process, I have been collecting books and toys for the baby. I went to Build-a-Bear and built the baby a zebra named Addis (the city where he/she will come from). I even included a heartbeat to help soothe the child during naps and at bedtime.

14. I have found bedding for a boy and a girl. Each pattern is so perfect! Blue/green turtles for a boy, and pink/brown snails for a girl. I painted the walls a light tan color so that either pattern will work. I will just add a few things once I know the child I am receiving.

15. Steph and I went to Atlanta a while back, and I found the perfect furniture. And it matches the rocking chair!

Many of you have wanted updates, so here ya go. I promise that I will do a better job keeping you posted. I am anxiously waiting to hear from the grant. I really wish that I could travel with Steph in a few weeks back to Ethiopia, but I know that I must stay here and prepare for my future child. But I am so ready to fly those 16 hours to meet my little one!



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