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You know the quote, "Necessity is the mother of invention" or something like that. Well, I guess that is how this blog was started. I was asked to write a story about my adoption for a radio spot to promote the concert, and it turned into a blog! I still don't know if I have an actual radio spot written, but I do have quite a few blog entries.

While looking for grants and such online, I have found that many organizations are opposed to giving money to single women. They feel that the best way to raise an adopted child, or any child for that matter, is with a husband and wife. Well, duh! But at this point, I don't have a husband, and I don't feel that I should wait for said husband before I adopt. My child will have the best Mommy I know how to be, and one day he or she will have an awesome father. And I feel that a life with me would be better than a life in an orphanage. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand their viewpoint. But it still ticks me off a little.


One thing I learned about adoption is that it is not cheap. While I know that every penny is worth it, there are some days when I stress a little too much about the money. I have had wonderful friends and family help with fundraisers. We started out with t-shirts and a chili supper. Then Catherine, Jessica, and I worked day and night on a Christmas fundraiser. Stephanie started working on a concert fundraiser in October, and the details are finally complete. Well, almost! We are hoping by Monday to be finished! She has signed Andy Davis and Erin McCarley to play the show. And not only that, but our entire Ethiopia team will be back together again (minus 2 members). So I thought I would include a photo of our team.

If you are interested in helping with fundraisers, you can buy a t-shirt or bracelet at

For concert tickets, visit after Monday.

The beginning

After doing some research about adoption agencies, I decided to go with America World Adoption Agency. They have been so supportive through this entire process. While we were in Ethiopia, we worked with the America World orphanages and I will admit this did help my decision. As a mother, I knew that I would have greater peace of mind knowing that my child was being cared for until I could bring him or her home.

I have applied for a child from six months to three and a half years of age. I could not choose between a boy or a girl, so I'm letting the agency make that decision. There are positives (and negatives) to both, and I really don't care. I just want a child to love. And it's weird because I already do love this child that I have not even seen yet. I can totally understand pregnant women and their love for their child. While this child is not growing inside me, I know that I will love him or her just as much.

Here We Go

Well, after much turmoil about actually committing to a blog, here I am! I caved in! But, I know that essentially this is important to keep people informed about the adoption. But first, maybe I should give some background info.

I traveled to Ethiopia this summer through Mocha Club, a charity organization that raises money for different causes in Africa. You can check out their site to learn more I traveled with an awesome group of people from around the country. We worked for 2 weeks in orphanages in Addis Ababa and Ambo, Ethiopia. To say that this experience was life-changing would be an understatement. The people of Ethiopia are so caring and nurturing. Their joy and happiness shines from their eyes. While they may live in a hut with a dirt floor, or not have a home at all, they are genuinely happy! This was a convicting thought for me while I was there and I have not stopped thinking about it since. We need the latest gadget or car, or the biggest house to truly think we are happy. I say "think" because even those things don't really make us happy. We just long for more. Or I do anyway. Okay, back to the story. I'm finished with the soap box for now ;)

Once we returned home from Ethiopia, I could not get the images of the children at the orphanages out of my head. I would sit up and cry at night as I went through the pictures. They are beautiful children who deserve so much more from life. After a little research and a lot of prayer, I decided to start the adoption process and give a child a better life. I wish I could take them all!



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