Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ethiopian Court meets Pulaski Police Department

While I was drowning in school registration paperwork, I missed two major Larkin milestones. On August 2, 20101, I met Larkin for the first time. I remember journaling that Baby Z was a rock star! Every nanny and America World employee loved him. But he sure knew how to cry to get his way. And neither one of these things have changed!

On August 6, 2010, I went to court to become Larkin’s legal guardian. But on August 5th, I was told that I would not pass court. Which meant my whole trip to Ethiopia was pointless-except for getting to spend 2 weeks with Larkin! I have never been as stressed in my entire life. I sent out an urgent email for prayers and God answered. While I was meeting with Larkin’s birthmom, (throw on some more stress), the court called to say that I had passed after all. I remember breaking down in tears and having his birthmom stare at me in utter confusion. I wasn’t going to pass court because the Pulaski Police Department background check wasn’t on official letterhead. It was just on a plain white piece of paper, and the Ethiopian government said that I could have made it up myself. Which I guess I could have. But how was I to know that on the other side of the world, this would be a problem. I have learned my lesson now! And now the America World staff knows to catch that with every family. Glad we all learned something at my expense! But if it saves another family from the eye twitching, red faced stress that I felt that day, then I guess it was worth it.

The night before court, I was given a DVD of Larkin’s birthmom telling her story. I sat and cried through the entire interview. I’m thankful there were subtitles because I couldn’t hear her talking for my sobbing. And then on August 6th for court, I knew her immediately when she walked in. She and Larkin look identical from the nose up. Their eyes are strikingly the same. My breath caught in my chest when she walked in. So young and so afraid. She was seven hours away from home with only one other birthmom with her. I was nervous, but at least I had the familiarity of my sister and the families that were becoming forever friends.

When I met the judge, she asked me how my relationship with Zelalem was progressing. I told her that we bonded instantly. It was comforting to be able to speak English and have her understand it. It is always a little strange to say something and then wait for it to be translated and repeated. I am always nervous that they won’t be able to translate my exact words or their meanings. So I was glad that when I told her he seemed like he knew me instantly and felt comfortable enough to fall asleep in my arms within a few hours, she truly understood what I meant.

Lots of things have changed in the past year, but the fact that Larkin can go from extremely happy to super angry or sad in 2 seconds has not.

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