Friday, December 31, 2010

Promises for a new year (with Larkin)

Promises for our first full year together

I promise to let you wear your sunglasses inside, in the car, at night, in the bathtub, and anywhere else that you think is necessary

I promise to let you choose to wear the black shoes, even if you have on brown pants

I promise to let you dump your toy baskets and walk away and not yell about it

I promise to go outside and blow bubbles, even when it is WAY too cold to be outside

I promise to find hair products that will allow me to comb your hair with no screaming involved

I promise to let you explore and play and figure out what you love the best

I promise (to try) to teach you to value your possessions

I promise to teach you respect for others, their opinions, and their beliefs

I promise to teach you to love SEC football and especially the Crimson Tide

But, I promise to allow you to go to school somewhere else if the scholarship is better (totally kidding on this one) (not really)

I promise to allow you to spend days in your pajamas

I promise to not always make you finish your vegetables

I promise to teach you other ways to dance than just with one arm

I promise to not freak out if you don’t have a nap or want to stay up an hour later

I promise to work on my sound effects for when you push boxes around like they are cars

I promise to try to not embarrass you in front of your friends (I said try)

I promise to take you on trips to the beach, the mountains, and the lake

I promise to share my love and fear for roller coasters

I promise to let you play an instrument and not complain when the sound makes my ears bleed

I promise to never abandon you and to love you unconditionally

I promise to make this the best year of your life (so far)


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